What is VIPmc™?

VIPmc™ - The Society Calendar™ is a news service for the whole entertainment industry, journalists, decision makers and the jet-set.
We do not just list all vip events worldwide, but also offer several added value services like contact information & planning details. Eliminating the tedious task of organizing & collecting vital information. It is the best way of getting the leads and contact names in advance.

How do I gain accesss?

As with any good VIP Event, you can't just buy your way in. You have to earn it. And this can be achieved by contributing to VIPmc™. Access to the Society Calendar will be extended with every event & addition you submit. A good event will result in an extension of up to one week. By "good" we mean a long description & contact information (with email).

Similar with annotation. Here you can get up to three days. Contact information are most valuable, but we also take press releases and other relevant information.

As long as your account is open you can use the data base as much as you like. Once your account is expired you will not be able to access the event database anymore until you charge more time to your account.

Accounts are personal and not transferable. We monitor all IP addresses and logins carefully and will suspend accounts automatically if a violation has been detected.

I have forgotten my password.

This problem can be solved: click me

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